The Company

Cigar City Cattle Company is owned by Tampa natives John and Donna Massaro. We are a Registered Black Angus and F1 Brangus Breeder in Tampa, Florida. Our long term goal is to have one of the most progressive Angus herds in the business. We will be phasing out our F1 Brangus program in the fall of 2014, as we are dedicating more pasture for our Registered Angus Recips. Although we enjoyed the benefits of Hybrid Vigor from the F1 Brangus, we are making great strides in producing better quality beef through enhanced data, Embryo Transfer and the purchase of some of the top Angus females in the breed.

John and Donna have been married for 14 years. We value God, Family and Friends. We believe Stewardship is an honor as well as a responsibilty of the people of this great nation. Thanks for visiting this site and we look forward to speaking with you.

Contact us in Tampa, Florida, to learn more about our Registered Black Angus Genetics .

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